27 October, 2021

RadNet’s Suzie Bash, M.D., Wins Aunt Minnie “Best Radiology Image of the Year” for 2021

Aunt Minnie announced today that Dr. Suzie Bash, Medical Director of Neuroradiology at RadNet, has been awarded the “Minnie” for 2021’s Best Radiology Image of the Year.

Dr. Bash first presented the Brain MRI image in an abstract presentation for the European Society of Radiology (ECR) in March of 2021. The study used artificial intelligence tools, deep-learning reconstruction with SubtleMR and NeuroQuant, to render the image. These A.I. tools enable higher image quality, significantly faster scans, and more accurate quantification of brain volume loss. They are used daily in RadNet’s neuroradiology practice.

Representative 3D T1-weighted multiplanar images with volumetric segmentation on a 3-tesla scanner.
[Left to right]: Sagittal, coronal, and axial T1-weighted images with standard protocols (scan time, five minutes and 44 seconds) on the top row and deep learning-enhanced accelerated imaging (scan time, two minutes and 18 seconds) on bottom row.
Images courtesy of Dr. Suzie Bash.

“We performed a prospective, multi-center, multi-reader clinical validation trial to assess the benefits of utilizing AI-based deep-learning image reconstruction of 60% accelerated brain MRIs with quantitative volumetric MR image analysis,” said Dr. Bash. “I selected that image for my abstract because it was a good example of excellent segmentation after NeuroQuant post-processing of the standard-of-care (SOC) and FAST-DL datasets. Our results showed that FAST-DL was statistically superior to SOC for perceived quality across all imaging features, despite significant scan time reduction.”

The FAST-DL results show improvements in the apparent signal-to-noise ratio, image sharpness, anatomic/lesion conspicuity, gray-white differentiation, and other quality measures. Dr. Bash discussed the results of her team’s research earlier this year:

After presenting at ECR, Dr. Bash presented this research in May 2021 at the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR). She will also present the abstract at RSNA in Chicago in late November.

The image was among several chosen by the Aunt Minnie staff for inclusion in the “Minnie” competition. After a public vote sent the image to final rounds, the Aunt Minnie staff selected Dr. Bash’s study for the 2021 Best Radiology Image of the Year award. Congratulations to Dr. Bash on her team’s pioneering research and on the award.

27 October, 2021