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27 October, 2022

Dr. Ahmed on The Importance of Early Breast Cancer Screening

Dr. Tahira Ahmed on Breast Cancer Screening

Our very own breast imaging specialist, Dr. Tahira Ahmed joined Fox 5 to discuss the importance of early breast cancer screening. 

Dr. Ahmed shared on why women should start having their screenings at the age of 40 and have them annually so that cancer can be detected at an early stage, for a  more favorable long-term outcome. She also mentioned how important it is to speak to your doctor before the age of 40 to discuss your family history to see if you are at high risk for breast cancer. 

Thank you Dr. Ahmed for taking the time to educate women on the importance of early breast cancer screening. Watch the entire interview on Fox 5's website here and be sure to schedule your annual screening mammogram if you have not done so already! 

27 October, 2022