RadNet MSK Application Information

The Fellowship profile can be viewed at the Society of Skeletal Radiology website. The RadNet MSK Southern California Fellowship team includes:

  • Dr. Robert Lee

  • Dr. John Crues

  • Dr. Greg Applegate

  • Dr. Phillip Tirman

  • Dr. Richard Arigo

  • Dr. David Stoller (Northern California)

RadNet MSK Fellowship Application Details

The RadNet MSK fellowship is affiliated with the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Residency Program. Application Information including the Common Application form can be found at the Society of Skeletal Radiology website.

Please visit the Society of Skeletal Radiology website for up to date match calendar information including application and interview dates.

Interviews will be held virtually until further notice.

Application Requirements

  • A completed Common Match Application form.

  • Three letters of recommendation are required with each application.

  • A personal statement indicating intention and purpose of application for the Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship at RadNet.

  • All Fellowship applications must be accompanied by a recent photograph.

Inquiries and applications can be addressed to:

Rosa Lewis, MSK Fellowship Program Coordinator, can be contacted at Rosa.Orellana@RadNet.com.
(310) 445-2845
1510 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Robert Lee, M.D., RadNet MSK Fellowship Program Director, can be contacted at Robert.Lee@RadNet.com.
Beverly Radiology Medical Group
1510 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025