Standards and Codes

RadNet has developed and distributed written compliance standards, procedures, and guidance to comply with the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and to help prevent Health Care Fraud and Abuse in its daily operations.

RadNet has adopted the American College of Radiology Codes of Ethics on Interactions with Healthcare Providers and has developed policies and procedures according to the guidance set forth therein.

Dedicated Support

RadNet’s designated Compliance Officer reports to a compliance committee regularly on compliance issues.

RadNet has established effective lines of communication between its employees and the Compliance Department. Employees can call a toll-free telephone hotline anonymously to report ethics complaints or violations.

Continuing Education

RadNet’s Compliance Department develops training programs, conducts medical record and coding audit reviews, and provides guidance to centers regarding Health Care Fraud and Abuse issues. Training and education covers key compliance areas, such as:

  • General Policy and Procedure Standards

  • Preventing Medicare Fraud and Abuse

  • Code of Ethics


  • Information Security

Managing Compliance

The Compliance Department utilizes audits and other risk assessment techniques to monitor compliance, identify high-risk areas, and determine corrective action for identified problems. RadNet has policies and procedures in place to address the hiring or retention of individuals or entities who are excluded from participation in federal health care programs.

RadNet has disciplinary processes in place for employees or contractors who violate company policies and standards and has implemented detailed procedures for investigating complaints of misconduct or violations of company policies.