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What's included in EBCD:

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After your exam, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology1 is applied to your mammogram.

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The AI points out areas of interest on your exam to help the radiologist detect very subtle abnormalities.

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After your radiologist reads your exam, the AI performs a second review.

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Certain exams with suspicious findings are reviewed by a second radiologist for determination of final results.

Why choose EBCD:

  • One in eight women will develop cancer in her lifetime.2 It is crucial to detect the disease early, when treatment options are most optimal.

  • Our AI technology has been shown to improve cancer detection rates and reduce the number of recalls for additional exams.3

  • No additional radiation or time during your visit is required. You safely gain the benefit of state-of-the-art screening.

  • 1. Saige-DX™ Artificial Intelligence, powered by DeepHealth.
  • 2. American Cancer Society. Key Statistics for Breast Cancer
  • 3. Study results available in Saige-Dx™ Instructions for Use.
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A New Frontier in Breast Cancer Detection

You deserve more Accuracy

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Currently accepting online appointments for:

  • MRI

  • CT (without contrast)

  • DEXA (bone density)

  • Mammography
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  • Ultrasound (non-OB)

  • X-Ray



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