RadNet is already implementing innovative AI solutions in all of its imaging centers across the U.S. Led by DeepHealth, our digital health division, RadNet has expanded its portfolio of AI software solutions to enable more accurate screening for the three most prevalent cancers: breast, lung, and prostate.

Our comprehensive AI portfolio creates a lower-cost, more accurate service offering for health insurers, health systems, and large employer groups to enact large population health screening. RadNet has relationships that can serve to make large-scale screening programs, similar to what mammography is for breast cancer screening, a reality.

Howard Berger, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, RadNet

Howard Berger, M.D.

RadNet also leverages AI technology in neuroradiology, which is pivotal for new drug and treatment therapies for diseases like Alzheimer’s. Also key is RadNet’s use of AI in operational processes such as patient outreach and engagement, which are highly impactful for cost and efficiency.

RadNet believes that data is key to improving the prevention, management, and treatment of disease. Our AI portfolio, especially in cancer screening for population health, drives improved patient outcomes while lowering costs.

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