An empowered patient has access to all the latest information on a procedure. He can schedule an appointment online and sync it with his calendar. He gets reasonable and clear pricing instead of red tape -- plus secure access to his complete medical history, 24/7. His reminders come just-in-time on IM or text. He confirms appointments with one click. He can video stream prep instructions. He can get immediate consults with the best specialists and accurate diagnoses the first time.

That’s 21st century healthcare. That’s RadNet.

In an increasingly confusing healthcare landscape, RadNet aligns the resources for true patient-centered care and clear decisions.


  • Choices

    You have the freedom to select expertise at a lower price. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness; RadNet delivers both.

  • National Expertise, Community Prices

    Our national profile enables us to provide innovative technology and leading experts at a reasonable cost. We leverage IT, quality, specialty health services, and 30+ years of experience across all facilities in our national network. Our complete radiology solution puts us in the best position to be strategic about the future of healthcare.

  • Insurance Participation

    We send bills directly to our patients’ insurance companies, and we accept Medicare, Medicaid/Medi-Cal, most indemnity and workers’ compensation insurance plans, personal injury liens, and HMO plans. We also participate with health exchanges. Call a local center to verify our participation with your plan.

Providing Services for Sports Teams

RadNet provides emergent and routine diagnostic imaging for professional and collegiate sports teams across the U.S. Find out which teams rely on RadNet.

Sports Teams


  • Convenient Locations

    With an expanding national network, we have more coverage than any other imaging provider. We make it easy for you to access state-of-the-art equipment and the modalities necessary for a proper diagnosis.

  • Full Services

    We provide comprehensive outpatient imaging services, with multiple modalities in most centers and longer hours. Many centers deliver care in multiple languages.


  • Clinical Expertise

    Accurate diagnosis is our shared goal. RadNet is uniquely positioned to leverage a national base of subspecialty knowledge across all of our centers, in real-time. We also purchase more imaging equipment than any other company in the country. The best clinicians and the best equipment: that’s how we deliver accurate results.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Quality is more than imaging accuracy; it includes the patient experience. We track all touch points with the patient. How long was the wait time? Were educational materials received? Plus we survey patients to capture their ideas and feedback on our performance.

  • Centers Of Excellence

    The RadNet network includes centers of excellence in breast health and prostate health. We invest heavily in research programs to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes.

Rate Your Patient Experience

Rate Your Patient Experience

Complete our online satisfaction survey. Your experience is important to us, and we strive to maintain a high threshold for patient satisfaction.

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety

We strive to perform only necessary tests with the minimum radiation needed for accurate diagnoses. Here’s how we ensure radiation safety.