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Education Opportunities

Under the direction of Drs. John Crues, Charles Ho, John Jurgutis, Ashwin Prabhu, and David Stoller, the RadNet fellowship prepares radiologists with an interest in musculoskeletal MRI for an academic or private practice career. Through the RadNet teleradiology network, fellows will gain experience with diverse cases from studies performed on both high- and low-field MRIs.

The fellow will also have the opportunity to work with other distinguished radiologists in abdominal, neuroradiology, and PET/CT at the same location during the course of the year.

Clinical Training

  • RadNet and the Fellowship

    A high volume of musculoskeletal MRI cases are drawn from multiple sites in the RadNet teleradiology network. This includes multiple orthopaedic/sports medicine and rheumatology groups. The fellow will gain experience with high field, 1.5/3.0 Tesla MR studies as well as low-field 0.2 to 1.0 T extremity scanners (E-Scan and C-Scan, ONI, MagneVue).

  • Diverse Cases

    Additional experience with Neuroradiology, Abdominal Imaging, Breast MRI, and PET/CT Imaging is available, depending on degree of fellow's interest.

  • Academics

    Dedicated academic time is encouraged for performing clinical research. Fellows are encouraged to submit at least one paper to a peer-reviewed journal during their year of training.

  • Lectures

    Fellows are required to attend daily lectures given by Dr. Crues covering MSK-MRI and MRI physics throughout the year.

  • Conferences

    Weekly multidisciplinary conferences at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic clinic.

  • Requirements

    The regular one-year MSK fellowship requires that fellow applicants have a valid U.S. Medical License at the time of application and a valid California Medical License before starting the program. Visiting fellowships are available for between 1-6 months for non-U.S. radiologists by special arrangement with Dr. Crues.


    Outside Rotations

    Outside Rotations

    Fellows gain experience in specific areas during rotations, including joint arthrography and interventional procedures at RadNet clinics in Southern California and orthopedic and arthroscopic clinical with Dr. Kevin Stone at the Stone Clinic in San Francisco. Rotations in neuroimaging, head and neck imaging, and body imaging are also available.


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