The Foundation

RadNet partners with the Cancer Research Collaboration to secure clinical trials and introduce new treatment options for our patients. Currently comprised of focus areas in breast oncology and molecular imaging, the Foundation is tasked with identifying new agents and technologies for treatment of disease, from tumor profiling and vaccines to genetic testing—and with funding the operation of those programs.

In its partnership with RadNet, the Foundation provides patients access to major treatment trials, so that options are not restricted to only those who live in certain pockets of the country where trials are conducted at large academic centers. Born from the Breastlink Research Group, which started conducting clinical trials in 1995, the Foundation has collaborated with many different research entities to advance our understanding of disease—and potential cures.

For example, in our molecular imaging research, we conduct trials with both pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical companies. These trials evaluate new tracers and the effect of new drug treatments on imaging patterns.

Access to the Latest Findings

We hold a unique position in research—we’re community-based, but with access to some of the most cutting-edge drugs developed by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. The team has developed a robust research portfolio because our partners trust our 20 year track record of conducting clinical oncology trials. Our patients benefit from new agents introduced to fight disease, provided in a familiar setting and accompanied by comprehensive education from trusted professionals.

In our imaging research, we can operate without the affiliations or limitations that constrain other institutions. Through strict standardized protocols, centralized reading, and regulatory discipline, we can ensure quality and consistency across a broad geographic patient population.

Cancer Research

Cancer Research

RadNet’s research team participates in an array of clinical trials to improve prevention, screening and diagnosis.

Imaging Research

Imaging Research

With strong partnerships, RadNet is hard at work to improve diagnosis and treatment of challenging diseases.


Research Clinical Leadership

Photo of John Link M.D.

Meet John Link M.D.

Author of The Breast Cancer Survival Manual, the essential resource for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Link is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on the disease. The founder of one of the first comprehensive diagnostic and treatment centers at Long Beach Memorial Medical center and of Breastlink Medical Group, Dr. Link is an advocate for women with breast cancer and their supporters. While bringing optimal care to his patients, he writes books, delivers lectures, and conducts clinical research. Dr. Link graduated from the USC School of Medicine, completed his internship and Residency at USC, and an additional residency at Memorial Medical Center of Long Beach and Fellowship in Medical Oncology at USC.

Photo of Judith Rose M.D.

Meet Judith Rose M.D.

Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Rose brings her vast experience in the combined fields of PET, PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiology to research initiatives. Dr. Rose was Medical Director of Nuclear Medicine at Valley Presbyterian Hospital for 25 years and Medical Director of the San Fernando Valley Regional PET Center for four years.  She is an active member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, including the PET Center of Excellence. In her role as Director of PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine, Dr. Rose is setting and standardizing protocols for PET/CT, and Nuclear Medicine, along with taking marketing and Utilization Management of oncologic procedures to a new level.


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